Ronnie Nsereko is the founder of the Quintet band. Born in a musical family where his parents from the Grandfather were all church musicians. Started music at a tender age under the guidance of his late father Michael Nsereko, then his early days in the seminary saw him mentored by one of the most influential music teacher in Uganda Rev. Fr. Joseph Namukangula.

Ronnie studied music at Makerere University after which he joined Kampala music school under the guidance of renowned pianist and Organist Paul Luggya. At Kampala music school Ronnie studied piano and Organ as his main instruments and did the Associated Board of Royal Schools examinations. In 2009, Ronnie got a scholarship to continue studying music at the University of Catholic Music and Music pedagogy in Regensburg, Germany up to 2013.

In Regensburg, Ronnie studied Organ Literature with Hon. Professor Norbert Duechtel.
Liturgical Organ playing with Prof. Markus Rupprecht
Piano with Hon Prof. Franz Prechtl
Music Theory with Prof. Dr. Richard Beyer
Germany Liturgical singing, Gregorian with Fisher Rudolf
Voice with Kessler-Retzler Sigrid
Guitar with Franz Adam
Conducting with Prof. Kuenibert Schaefer
Music history with Dr. Dieter Haberl
Theology with Dr. Peter Maier.  

After coming back Ronnie teamed up with four other friends namely Umar Nyanzi, Chris Bulega, Connie Isabirye, Joseph Ategeka to form Quintet band.
Apart from band music, Ronnie is church music Director and Organist who has directed different choirs like St. Cecilia Rubaga Cathedral choir, Evangelical Choir Christ the King parish, St. Agnes choir Makindye to name but a few.

He has performed with different leading musicians like Isaiah Katumwa, Mariam Ndagire, the late Jimmy Katumba, Kads band, Eagles Production, Pride Band. He has travelled with different choir groups to festivals in Italy (Gorizia), UK (London), Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Austria. He is so passionate about music.
He is happily married to Monica Nsereko with two children Maria Pauline and Francis Xavier Nsereko.  



Nyanzi Umar Wavamuno, aged 41 years, living in Buloba.
Started Music career in 1994 where he joined Univox Mirrors where he met Bernard Munyigwa, Ronald Mayinja, and Roy Kapale. Later after, he joined Starlight band in Makindye, Luwafu as a sound technician and got some skills on the Guitar. During 1996, he met Dr. Tee who was the lead guitarist in Sameeti band who gave him some skills on the guitar. 1997 he joined Sky waves ( Park view band as a sound technician, it was here where he met the late Tony Ssengo who taught him sound and Guitar, shortly he joined Bakayimbira Dramactors in their New band the Marbles band teaming up again with Bernard Munyigwa, Ronnie Nsereko, Chris Bulega Chance Nalubega, Isaac Omuana. By this time he was playing the Rhythm guitar, Ronnie Nsereko changed him to play Bass Guitar. In 1999, along with Ronnie Nsereko, John kahwa, Winnie Munyenga, Chris Bulega joined Kads band.
Umar is an experienced musician who has performed widely with many other musicians like Aziz Azion, Prossy Kankunda, Titie Tabel, and Romeo Akiki. From 2009 he worked in Sudan as a musician, 2011 he came back and to work at Water front beach, working with Irene Namubiru, Maureen Kabasiita, Lilian Kadima, Carol Nabulime, Phiona Masanyalaze, Sammy Muwanika, and Harriet Kemigisa who were in fusion band and Golden Girls owned by Captain Kassami. Then in 2013 up with Ronnie Nsereko, Chris Bulega, Connie Isabirye, Joseph Ategeka to start up Quintet band as a five team band accompanying choirs, and different musicians. A group he has nurtured and stayed with up to date. He is happily married and such a calm and passionate band member and Director. 



Fred Ssebayizzi commonly referred to, as 'Hunter' is a passionate music lover. A born of Makindye, Hunter is one of the many singers that were inspired by the 'music boom' that saw many artists coming from MAKINDYE. Hunter has gained good experience musically, having been mentored by some of the best singers in Uganda, has been to church choirs and has performed with quite good bands. Fred Hunter can ably sing quite a number of music genres and he is still certain that big things are yet to come.


(Mark Reigns)

My name is Jabulani Jeisey Williams,commonly known as Mark Reigns in the music industry aka the Vocal Drummer. I was born in South Africa, Durban City in Eastern South Africa  Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, but based in Kampala, Uganda as a music Artist.
In my musical journey, i have worked with many big groups and organisations in Uganda. Frankly I haven't spent many years in the music industry, but since my childhood I was kind of into music. I started playing drums when I was 5 years old and indeed it was my favorite hobby and now my job here in Kampala.

When I came to Uganda, the first organisation I worked with was called June Color Children's Theater, where I was taught how to dance Ugandan Cultural dances, and that's how i ended up Ingyenzi troupe which by the time the best Kinyarwanda dance group, there after I joined Ndere Troupe where I thrived as a dancer.
Later on I joined Barbed Wire / Afrigo Band members where I began my journey in world music. I worked with them for some good time until I left and joined the Quintet Band in 2019.
While in the quintet Band I have worked with many big musicians and music groups in Uganda and I thank God that I have been receiving positive Consideration from every musician that i have worked with and have got more important friends in my life. 



My name is Matovu Isaac; I was born 1/Jan/1993 in Kungu Matugga village and born again religion. I am a gospel musician a saxophonist, music producer, songwriter and singer.
Musically, 2008 in secondary school my form one I joined a school choir where I found happy Kyazze and David Njuki and we became family later they began teaching me how to sing tenor voice until I completed secondary for six year.
2015 Went to TRIANGLE MUSIC SCHOOL led by Mr Kagumba Andrew and Kyagulanyi Polycarp where I developed love for instrument, music production, song writing. Happy Kyazze and Mike Kitanda as saxophone teachers they gave me a start and recommended me to jazz class at KAMPALA MUSIC SCHOOL Kitante led by Chris Weigers and got anew teacher Mark Langa.
In 2016, I started trying to play in church as am developing more playing skills plus spiritual skills. I joined some small bands like MIZIZ led by Mr. Okello, then church ministry became tough and I left bands for a while until 2018 I joined THE QUINTET BAND, and gift records a born again studio where I perfected my music production skills.  



My name is Ochiba Doreen, my stage name is Norah, I am a vocalist and member of Quintet band. I love music because it is who I am and helps me express my feelings better.
I started singing during chapel time in school would always do specials and also sing with the choir, later in 2006 I participated in the super girl singing competition and was among the top10 out of thousands who had registered, and also participated in the Golden voice competition also was among the top 10. Besides singing, I did a course in social works.
In this journey of music I have met so many people who have helped in glooming me and helped me get where I am now.
1) My big brother Emma was my first and biggest fan and teacher he always believed in me even when I did not believe in myself.
2) Papa Chido also helped in glooming me vocally and challenged me with harder music genres that helped me learn to be versatile.
3) Nsereko Ronnie, the vocal and my band director teacher “hahaha” he will always notice I'm off pitch or off key, that helped me listen to my self and know how to control myself.
I am so thankful and proud to be part of Quintet band and I am grateful for the opportunity, of being part of the team working currently on BBS National TV. 



I am Nicholas Lwijos Kashama; I was born in DR. Congo where also I studied. I am a qualified French teacher and a musician, a guitarist to be precise.
I have had a long journey in my musical carrier. I have played lead guitar in so many African bands, such as; Atomic Ebende DR Congo, Quarter Des Satires Dry, UB5 band Uganda, Kangie band Uganda, Da Hears Uganda and Quintet band Uganda. I have played in more than twenty hit songs in various studios. I teach guitar to those who are interested at the lowest prices any one can afford. I am now a member of the great Quintet band.  



I am JONATHAN MULEBINGE ALIMASI a son to Elyas Mkyuku Mulebinge and Marie Namtekwa Mulebinge. I was born in 21 Jun 1990 at the general hospital of Goma a province town of North Kivu in DR Congo. I started my top class at the age of three at a garden school called La Fontaine in 1993 up to 1996. In 1996 September, I started my primary school in (E C L) Which in French is, École Cominauteur Du Lac, here I got my primary certificate in 2002, and went to senior one at (I T K) Institu Technic Keshero where I got my senior six diploma in general pedagogy. In 2010, I joined a medical business for my father until 2012.

I started to sing when I was 7 years old; in a Sunday school called Nguzo choir in 2002, they promoted me in the worship team of the 8cepac Goma where I learnt to play drums. In 2009, I joined a competition Vodacom super star but I could not make it up to Kinshasa then I joined a profane band.

In 2013, I came to Uganda, where I live, as a refugee, due to the security instabilities in my country; I started to sing in a Congolese church called Horeb church. In 2014, I joined a Ugandan Pentecostal church called action-healing church. Then in 2015, I joined a band called Savaam of Ryna Matovu Which in now Savaam music management. I left Savaam and joined the band of Cindy where I played for only 2 months and became a gig man. I have done many performances with many bands in down town Kampala as a gig man. I joined the Quintet Band in 2019, where I have played until to date.  



Ann-Marie Nattabi






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